Summer School 2018 Information Video

2018 Summer School Webinar Recording


HOW WILL I KNOW IF I GOT A SEAT IN THE COURSE??? Non-tuition Summer School Course Schedules will be posted by Student ID number on the Walnut High School homepage and the GLC blog at Students will also receive an email confirming their registration in the course, so please make sure you submit a working / current email address that is checked regularly.

WHY DO I HAVE TO RANK THE COURSES? In order to provide the best opportunity for students to register for a summer school class, students will rank order the classes they want to take. Also, classes that have more applicants than seats available will be filled by lottery using the student rankings.

After the registration window closes, classes that have more applicants than seats available will be filled by random lottery after current juniors (Class of 2019) are provided seats.

WHAT DO I DO IF I GET A SEAT IN THE COURSE??? All students who receive seats must report to the Summer School Registration Meeting (Location and Date TBD) to complete registration cards.

WHAT DO I DO IF I DON”T GET A SEAT IN THE COURSE??? If you do not get a seat in the course, students may wish to sign-up for the Tuition-based Summer School program offered at Walnut High School. Visit for more information. These classes are not run by the Walnut Valley Unified School District or WHS.

WHAT IF I GET A SEAT AND I CHANGE MY MIND AND WANT TO DROP???   As seats are extremely limited, it is expected that you will attend the summer school class you register for. You may not give your seat to any other individual. You may not “hold” a seat while you decide if you will attend summer school or not.   Do not submit an application unless you commit to attending summer school. If there is an emergency, please notify Mr. DuJuan Johnson, Summer School Coordinator, at Also, students who are absent on the first day of school will be automatically dropped.



Priority is given by grade (Current Juniors, then Sophomores, Freshman, and finally those in 8th Grade). Priority is not given to early entries; so do not feel compelled to register immediately. You may wish to discuss your class options with your GLC after reading this form and prior to submitting your choices.

ALL applications will be entered into a lottery for available seats. Only 1 application per student will be accepted. Duplicate applicants, or attempts to register more than one time, will result in those students AUTOMATIC REMOVAL from the summer school lottery.

Mt. SAC will again offer several courses here on the WHS campus. Students MUST HAVE their Social Security number to complete the Mt. SAC registration process. They will NOT be enrolled in the class without this information, and may lose their seat. This is a Mt. SAC requirement, not a WVUSD requirement. All WHS classes do not require a Social Security Number.