Pathways, Requests, and Schedules… Oh my!

Hey, class of 2020,

As many of you are beginning to prep to for the courses you are going to be taking next year, we want you to know what our calendars look like for the upcoming weeks ahead. Beginning the week of February 5th, we will be entering the classroom of the students who are in the English 2 honors classes to deliver the course request forms.

The week of March 12th, we will be visiting the classrooms of the students who are in the English 2 college prep classes and also delivering the course request forms. During this time many of you may want to meet with us to discuss 4year plans and potential schedules.We look forward to meeting with you all; however, make sure to schedule an appointment with your GLC.

On Jan. 31st – Feb. 2nd Mrs. Alegre and Mr. Johnson will be at an AP conference and we look forward to sharing that information with you when we return.

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